Friday, 9 March 2012

Why travel by train?

I love train travel. This can be an awkward thing to admit in certain company but I’m no anorak train spotter and I don’t have a model train set in the basement – I just love everything about travelling by train.

They have so much more to offer the traveller than simply getting from A to B; great train journeys are adventures in themselves, always generating good memories & can be a vacation in itself. As for flying, that’s invariably best forgotten, my only memorable flight is years ago being bumped up to business class on a 14-hour flight home from Los Angeles. The best of the rest are just a fog of mindless tedium and the worst are horrors buried too deep in my subconscious to mention. As for boats & cruises my abiding memory is watching lunch disappearing over the side & wishing I were dead.

Trains are no longer the preserve of those who can’t afford to fly or the train spotter obsessed with locomotive engine numbers. Rail travel doesn’t have the monotonous uniformity of air travel nor are you anonymously processed like a piece of cargo, to be strapped into a seat until you can be off-loaded.

Travelling by rail has been rediscovered by the modern eco-friendly traveller who wants some adventure but without too much hassle or discomfort.

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