Saturday, 16 June 2012

The train from Cologne to Vienna

I boarded the DB Cologne to Vienna overnight train at 8pm. There was  welcome pack of bottled water, Henkell Trocken sparkling wine & a Viennese waffer. The cabin had 3 leather armchairs & converted into 3 bunk beds for sleeping.

It had a clean wood & laminate finish although the carpet was scruffy & annoyingly rucked up under the bathroom door. There was a small cupboard for hanging clothes, high up luggage space & an electrical socket beside the small table.

The cabin was 3 metres square with a large chunk taken out by the bathroom ( 2m x 0.7m).   The bathroom had toilet, sink & showerwhich worked in 30 second spurts with poor temperature control.

Breakfast was delivered to the cabin at 7am but did not include what I had ordered & was a poor version of a continental breakfast. Still, I had a good nights sleep.

Trains are a one-off, if you compared it to  hotel it would only rate one star but if you rated it with an airline it would be better than first class - except for the food - so the best advice is to take your own picnic food & drink.

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