Monday, 18 June 2012

The train to Budapest

Its a nice comfortable train that travelled at 100 to 160 kph through a rather uninteresting agricultural landscape. The rail operator is called RailJet, who I've never heard of. There was no discernable border between Austria & Hungary, the only evidence was a second ticket inspector wanting to stamp the ticket again.

About half an hour before Budapest we pass through rocky cliffs, wooded hillsides & we skirt the Danube.

Arriving in a new city in a new country & with no local currency (the forint) taxi's are a bit of a must until you suss out the local transport system. Budapest station taxi drivers are surly rip off merchants - they don't use a meter & charged 15 euro for a frightening 8 minute hurtle through the streets. 


  1. I enjoy your train trip narratives but I guess you've gone underground in Budapest.

  2. Sorry Ken, got heavily sidetracked in Budapest & then lost all internet connections until Istanbul & the 40 degrees temp sapped all my energy.

    Frantically busy at moment but promise to catch up from my notes.

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